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yid | Yid

This page is about the slang term yid | Yid


Meaning: an offensive, derogatory word meaning a Jewish person

For example:

  • When I was a kid my friend Ben was sometimes called a yid by older boys, and I didn't understand what it meant.

  • The word "Yid" is derogatory and insulting to Jewish people and it should never be used.

Origin: Probably short for "Yiddish", which is a language spoken by Jewish people in Europe, or "Yiddisher", which means a speaker of Yiddish.

Warning! This is very bad language. If you are a non-native speaker, you are advised not to use it. (You could cause resentment or anger if you use it inappropriately.)

Quick Quiz:

The word "Yid" is a derogatory slang word that is used to insult people who are

a. Christian

b. Jewish

c. Hindu

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Contributor: Matt Errey