junkie | junky

This page is about the slang term junkie | junky


a drug addict; a person obsessed with something

For example

  • A lot of junkies are still being sent to jail instead of being given treatment to overcome their addiction.

  • It's sad to see people who start out in politics with high ideals turn into power junkies. They'll do anything to stay in power, from rigging elections to arranging violence to intimidate their opponents.

1. When used in relation to drugs, "junkie" is usually applied to users of hard drugs only, like heroin, crack cocaine or amphetamines. 2. Also used in phrases such as power junkie, sugar junky, sci-fi junkie, computer-game junky, TV junkie, and so on.

Quick Quiz

If someone's a junkie, they

a. collect old junk

b. take hard drugs

c. eat fattening desserts

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