This page is about the slang term meatspace


a term used by young internet users to mean the physical world, in contrast to the virtual world of "cyberspace"

For example

  • Many computer geeks are more comfortable in cyberspace than in the real world of meatspace.

  • A: "Do you wanna get together tomorrow?" B: "You mean online or in meatspace?"

Origin: The word "meatspace" originated in cyberpunk fiction and culture, in order to make a clear distinction between the online world of cyberspace and the real world of flesh and blood people.

Quick Quiz

"Kirsty and Jason have never met in meatspace" means they've never met

a. in a butcher shop

b. in a single's bar

c. face to face in person
a) in a butcher shop b) in a single's bar c) face to face in person

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Contributor: Matt Errey