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pig (2)

This page is about the slang term pig (2)



a police officer

For example

  • Dominic says the pigs always give him a hard time because he's a young black guy and he likes wearing good clothes and lots of jewellery. They think he's a drug dealer.

  • If Frank finds out that Ian's been talking to the pigs, he'll beat the crap out of him.

1. This is a very impolite expression and it should never be used when speaking to a police officer. 2. "The pigs" can mean the police force as a whole, as in "let's call the pigs".

Quick Quiz

If a gang of robbers is holding up a bank, and one of them says the pigs are outside, it means there are

a. farm animals outside the bank

b. large people outside the bank

c. police officers outside the bank

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