This page is about the slang term bastard



an unpleasant, despicable person

For example

  • Gary can be a real selfish bastard sometimes.

  • If he's such a bastard to you, Cindy, why don't you split up with him and find a nicer guy to go out with?

Origin: The original, but now dated, literal meaning of the word was "an illegitimate person", meaning a person born to an unmarried woman. It was often used as an insulting or derogatory term for an illegitimate person, and then it began to be used more as an offensive slang word meaning an unpleasant or despicable person.

Quick Quiz

Many people called him a bastard after he

a. gave a lot of money to help sick children

b. helped to run a money-raising event for sick children

c. stole money that was raised to help sick children

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