make out

This page is about the slang term make out

American English


to hug and kiss, possibly with some petting

For example

  • Lots of couples were making out at the party, but there was no real sex going on.

  • Mandy saw her boyfriend making out with another girl. She was very upset.

This term is used mostly among teenagers, and it usually means anything from lengthy kissing to what is sometimes called "heavy petting", meaning sexual activity that can involve genital stimulation and even oral sex, but the term "make out" is not usually used to mean penetrative sex.


This is typically used in American English but may be used in other varieties of English too.

Quick Quiz

Lee and Kim were making out for quite a while. They were

a. having a discussion

b. making some snacks

c. kissing and cuddling
a) having a discussion b) making some snacks c) kissing and cuddling

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