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Saying of the Day

Better the foot slip than the tongue

Today: Sun, 23 Jan 2022

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Possible interpretation:

It is better to take a bad step in walking than to say the wrong thing in talking. We can do a lot of damage when we say something by mistake. The elliptical nature of this saying may make it difficult to understand. The full version might be something like: "It is better that your foot should slip than that your tongue should slip."

Note: foot (noun): the end part of the leg on which we stand or walk | slip (verb): slide by accident | tongue (noun): large, movable fleshy part in the mouth that we use for talking and tasting

Quick Quiz

If you believe the proverb "Better the foot slip than the tongue", you will probably be most careful when

a. walking

b. talking

c. eating
a) walking b) talking c) eating

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