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Today: Mon, 17 Jun 2019

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a young man with boyish good looks

For example:

  • There were a lot of cute twinks at the gay club last night.

  • Did you know that straight men call cute young girls "babes", and gay men call cute young guys "twinks"?

Note: This word is common among gay men, though it may not be known at all by other people. If it's used outside gay circles, it probably won't be understood.

Origin: Possibly derived from a U.S. snack cake called a "Hostess Twinkie" which is "golden-colored, sweet and full of cream", a description which some claim also describes the typical gay image of a "twink".

Quick Quiz

Gay men call a guy a "twink" if he

a. is big and hairy

b. has a well-developed physique

c. is young and cute
a) is big and hairy b) has a well-developed physique c) is young and cute