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Proper etiquette is important in business greetings. Make sure to use polite language such as "please" and "thank you". Appropriate titles and gestures should also be used. Shaking hands is common in most English speaking countries. It is also important to smile.


  • Introduce yourself with name and title.
  • Shake hands.
  • Express happiness to meet the other person.
  • Give or accept directions.

Useful Phrases

  • Please have a seat.
  • Thanks for agreeing to meet with me.
  • He'll be right with you.
  • Can I offer you something to drink?
  • My pleasure.

Pair Practice

Listen and read:

A: Hello. I'm Mia Conners.

B: Hi Mia. I'm David Sinclair, and this is my partner Gina Evans. (hold out hand to shake)

A: Nice to meet you Mr. Sinclair, Ms Evans. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.

B: It's our pleasure. And please, call us David and Gina. Can I take your coat?

A: Thank you.

B: No problem. Please take a seat and we'll be right with you.

Further Practice for Pairs

  • Add a third speaker and create your own lines.
  • Add an unexpected interruption (phone call, fax coming in, secretary).
  • Write the next four lines between the two speakers.
  • Write an inappropriate line and explain why it should not be part of the greeting.
  • Create a new dialogue that takes place between people in a business situation.