Greetings Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on our Greetings in English pages.

1. If you've invited people to your home, you should greet them as they're

a) eating b) arriving c) leaving

2. Greetings in business are usually formal, but greetings among family and friends are much more

a) impolite b) polite c) casual

3. Which greeting is best for a formal business meeting?

Hi there
How's it goin'?
Nice to meet you
a) Hi there b) How's it goin'? c) Nice to meet you

4. If you meet someone at night, you can greet them by saying

Good night
Good evening
Good sleep
a) Good night b) Good evening c) Good sleep

5. Which is a greeting that friends might use when meeting for coffee?

Nice to meet you
Good to see you
Want a coffee?
a) Nice to meet you b) Good to see you c) Want a coffee?

6. Which would only be said if you haven't met the person for a long time?

Hi Lee. What's up?
Hey Joe. How are things?
Hi Annie. Long time no see.
a) Hi Lee. What's up? b) Hey Joe. How are things? c) Hi Annie. Long time no see.

7. Businesspeople often greet one another with

a hug
a high five
a handshake
a) a hug b) a high five c) a handshake

8. What are you doing if you say "I'd like you to meet our accountant Hugo."?

introducing Hugo
meeting Hugo
greeting Hugo
a) introducing Hugo b) meeting Hugo c) greeting Hugo

9. Which can you say after being introduced to someone for the first time?

Nice to meet you
Nice to greet you
Nice to see you
a) Nice to meet you b) Nice to greet you c) Nice to see you

10. "Hi, I'm Roberto. But you can call me Bob." What's Roberto doing?

calling himself
greeting himself
introducing himself
a) calling himself b) greeting himself c) introducing himself

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Contributor: Matt Errey creator of Word Up