Small Talk: Conversation Starters

This page covers the language of small talk when starting a conversation in English.

Talking about the weather

  • Beautiful day, isn't it?
  • Can you believe all of this rain we've been having?
  • It looks like it's going to snow.
  • It sure would be nice to be in Hawaii right about now.
  • I hear they're calling for thunderstorms all weekend.
  • We couldn't ask for a nicer day, could we?
  • How about this weather?
  • Did you order this sunshine?

Talking about current events

  • Did you catch the news today?
  • Did you hear about that fire on Fourth St?
  • What do you think about this transit strike?
  • I read in the paper today that the Sears Mall is closing.
  • I heard on the radio today that they are finally going to start building the new bridge.
  • How about those Reds? Do you think they're going to win tonight?

At the office

  • Looking forward to the weekend?
  • Have you worked here long?
  • I can't believe how busy/quiet we are today, can you?
  • Has it been a long week?
  • You look like you could use a cup of coffee.
  • What do you think of the new computers?

At a social event

  • So, how do you know Justin?
  • Have you tried the cabbage rolls that Sandy made?
  • Are you enjoying yourself?
  • It looks like you could use another drink.
  • Pretty nice place, huh?
  • I love your dress. Can I ask where you got it?

Out for a walk

  • How old's your baby?
  • What's your puppy's name?
  • The tulips are sure beautiful at this time of year, aren't they.
  • How do you like the new park?
  • Nice day to be outside, isn't it?

Waiting somewhere

  • I didn't think it would be so busy today.
  • You look like you've got your hands full (with children or goods).
  • The bus must be running late today.
  • It looks like we are going to be here a while, huh?
  • I'll have to remember not to come here on Mondays.
  • How long have you been waiting?