Phone Practice 1: Making an Appointment

Read the telephone conversation below. Thelma is phoning her dental clinic to make an appointment with her dentist. Fill in the missing words and then press "See Answer".

Receptionist: Thank you for phoning Maple Dental Clinic. Sylvia . How can I help you?

Thelma: Hi Sylvia. Thelma Woods calling. How are you today?

Receptionist: I'm fine Mrs. Woods. How are you?

Thelma: Well, actually, I have a bit of a sore tooth. I was hoping Dr. Morris would have some time to see me this week.

Receptionist: I'm he's booked this week. I can put you in for 2pm next Tuesday. How does that sound?

Thelma: That would be great.

Receptionist: I'll have to give you the address of our new office.

Thelma: Oh, that's right, you moved.

Receptionist: Yes, we moved downtown. Do you have a ?

Thelma: Could you hold on a please? ... Okay, go ahead Sylvia.

Receptionist: Okay, we are at 723 Baltic Avenue. Suite 004.

Thelma: spelling that for me?

Receptionist: Sure. That's seven-twenty-three "Baltic" ... B , A for Alpha, L for Lima, T for Tango, I for India, and C for Charlie. And it's suite zero zero four.

Thelma: Okay great. I'll see you on Tuesday then.

Receptionist: Okay. calling. See you then.

Thelma: Thanks. Bye.