Phone Practice 2: Taking a Message

Read the conversation below. Cameron is telephoning to speak to Maria. Leslie answers the call and takes a message for Maria. Fill in the missing words and then press "See Answer".


Cameron: Hi, is this Leslie?

Leslie: Yes. ?

Cameron: It's Cameron here. Is Maria ?

Leslie: No, she just out for a moment. Can I take a message?

Cameron: Yes, thanks. ask her to meet me at the Capitol 4 movie theatre at 7 pm tonight?

Leslie: Sure. Just let me write that down. Oh Cameron. Could you for a second? I have to take another call.

Cameron: No problem.

Leslie: Hi. Sorry about that. Now could you please that information? I didn't have a pen handy.

Cameron: Sure. It's the Capitol 4 theatre at 7 o'clock.

Leslie: Okay, I've got it. Is there anything else?

Cameron: No, that's great.

Leslie: Okay. Uh-oh, there's my other line again. I'd better .

Cameron: Okay, thanks again. Bye for now.


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