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Practice 3: Ordering a Pizza

Hostess: Pepi's Pizza. How can I you?
Customer: Hi. I'd like to order a pizza please.
Hostess: Okay. I'll have to transfer your call to our take-out department. moment please.
Recorded Message: Thank you for calling Pepi's Pizza. All of our operators are busy . Please hold for the next available person.
Take-out Clerk: Thank you for waiting. Naoko . Is this for take-out or delivery?
Customer: Delivery please.
Take-out Clerk: Can I have your name and address please?
Customer: My name is...
Take-out Clerk: Sorry, it's really busy in here. Could you a little please?
Customer: Oh, sure. This is Angie Smith. My address is number two Front Street.
Take-out Clerk: Is that an apartment or a house?
Customer: It's an apartment. Number seventeen.
Take-out Clerk: Okay. And what would you like to order today?
Customer: I'd like a large pepperoni pizza with mushrooms, olives and extra cheese.
Take-out Clerk: I'm sorry, my English isn't . Could you slow down a little please?
Customer: No problem. That's a large pizza.
Take-out Clerk: Large pizza. Okay.
Customer: And I'd like it with pepperoni and mushrooms.
Take-out Clerk: Pepperoni and mushrooms. Is there anything else?
Customer: Yes, olives and extra cheese please.
Take-out Clerk: Okay. I've .
Customer: Great. And how long will that be?
Take-out Clerk: It will be about thirty minutes, Miss Smith.
Customer: And how much will it cost?
Take-out Clerk: Um--could you please while I check with the kitchen?
Customer: Don't worry about it. I have to go. I have another call . Thank you. Bye for now.
Take-out Clerk: Okay. Thanks for calling. Bye.

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