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Telephone English Quiz

This quiz is based on the vocabulary in the telephone English pages.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. When you pick up the phone to call someone you hear a a) ringer b) dial tone c) receiver.
2. If I'm not home leave a message on my a) directory b) answering c) dial machine.
3. Sally must be talking to her mom because I have been getting a) an answer b) a chat c) a busy signal for two hours.
4. I never answer my a) cordless b) cell phone c) pay phone while I'm driving.
5. Mark always turns his a) ringer b) other line c) call display off when he is studying.
6. I'm busy right now. Can you a) hang up b) call back c) call through later.
7. You have to a) answer b) hang up c) dial "0" for the operator.
8. I have a a) receiver b) busy signal c) cordless so I can do the dishes and chat at the same time.
9. You will need a quarter or a phone card if you want to use the a) cell phone b) pay phone c) pager.
10. I know it was my boyfriend who called because I have a) dial tone b) call display c) directory.