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How to Address People Quiz 🤔

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on our How to Address People in English page.

1. In English-speaking countries, a person's surname is usually their

first name
middle name
last name
a) first name b) middle name c) last name

2. If a married woman uses her husband's family name instead of her own, her original family name is called her

first name
maiden name
given name
a) first name b) maiden name c) given name

3. If a woman is addressed as Miss Johnson, she's probably

a) unmarried b) married c) divorced

4. After Grace Jones married John Smith, her students called her

Mrs Jones
Miss Smith
Mrs Smith
a) Mrs Jones b) Miss Smith c) Mrs Smith

5. What's a short or cute name that's only used by close friends and relatives called?

a common name
a household name
a nickname
a) a common name b) a household name c) a nickname

6. If you and your boss are on a first name basis, your relationship is

less formal than usual
more formal than usual
more romantic than usual
a) less formal than usual b) more formal than usual c) more romantic than usual

7. Which is used as a title of affection?

a) Ma'am b) Dear c) Mister

8. If a senior male executive asks you to do something, you can reply with "Yes, _______".

a) Sir b) Dear c) Mister

9. Which is used as a term of endearment?

your first name
your pet name
your user name
a) your first name b) your pet name c) your user name

10. A man should only use terms like "Love" and "Babe" to address a woman if she's

his partner or girlfriend
a colleague at work
an attractive stranger
a) his partner or girlfriend b) a colleague at work c) an attractive stranger

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Contributor: Matt Errey creator of Word Up