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Weather Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz is based on the English words and phrases on our weather vocabulary page.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. I don't think you need to bring an umbrella. It's only a) drought b) drizzling c) sleet now.
2. A a) blizzard b) hurricane c) precipitation is a dangerous tropical storm.
3. I stepped in a a) paddle b) puddle c) piddle and got my pantlegs all wet.
4. There was a a) forecast b) cold spell c) humidity in the middle of summer; we didn't have to turn our airconditioner on for weeks.
5. We had to stop playing baseball because we didn't want to get struck by a) thunder b) drizzle c) lightning.
6. It was too a) snowstorm b) smog c) foggy for the pilot to land the plane.
7. If you let me borrow your a) thermometer b) shades c) degrees I'll be able to see better.
8. Don't be surprised if you get a light a) shower b) tornado c) sunny every afternoon on that island.
9. When I looked at the a) scorcher b) thermometer c) UV it said ten degrees.
10. a) Sunscreen b) Tanned c) Umbrella will prevent you from getting a burn.