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Over six hundred idioms with clear definitions, example sentences and fun quiz questions with answers

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By Matt Errey, creator of the popular ESL board game WORD UP



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This ebook gives you over six hundred of the most frequent English idioms. Here is what you get for each idiom:

  • the idiom
  • its meaning
  • example sentence #1 with idiom in context
  • example sentence #2 with idiom in context
  • fun multiple choice quiz question
  • answer

Some idioms have further details such as notes about origin or British/American usage.

What are idioms?

An idiom is a group of words with a special meaning. Native English speakers learn idioms naturally from a young age, but learners of English have to study them. You might already know the meaning of every word in an idiom, but this doesn’t mean you’ll know what the idiom means. For example, if you haven’t learned the idiom call it a day, you won’t know what someone you work with means if they say “Let’s call it a day”. Even if you know what the words let’s, call and day mean, you won’t know what they’re saying. But if you’ve learned the idiom, you’ll know that they’re saying it’s time everyone finished work for the day.

Is learning idioms important?

Yes. Idioms are very common in both spoken and written English, so learning them is very important. Native speakers often use idioms when they’re speaking, so if you haven’t studied idioms you’ll have trouble understanding what they’re saying. Idioms are also very common in written English. They’re used in textbooks and novels, comics and news feeds, business letters and work emails, and so on. If you need to understand written English, or if you want to write natural-sounding English, you have to learn idioms.


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About the Author

Matt Errey
Matt Errey, creator of WORD UP, the world’s most popular ESL board game

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Matt studied at Monash and LaTrobe Universities before moving to Thailand to work as an ESL instructor. In 1992 he created the award-winning ESL board game WORD UP. Since then he has divided his time between teaching English, marketing WORD UP and creating more ESL materials, including his ebook 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context. Matt regularly contributes games, quizzes and vocabulary pages to EnglishClub. His other interests include music, reading and watching almost any kind of sport.

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