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Pronunciation Power 2

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Intermediate-Advanced Windows and Mac

“A powerful interactive self-study tool that guides learners of the English language in improving their pronunciation. I give it a thumbs up.” David D.I. Kim, Korea TESOL Journal

A downloadable English pronunciation program for intermediate to advanced levels (American English accent). You will receive immediate download instructions by email.

Product Description

Pronunciation Power 2Pronunciation Power 2 is an interactive, user-friendly yet sophisticated teaching tool. Designed for intermediate to advanced English students of all ages, the program contains over 20 hours of professional instruction.

  • Learn the 52 sounds necessary to successfully speak perfect English.
  • Compare your voice to the instructor’s voice using advanced waveform comparison technology.
  • See exactly how proper English sounds are made. A moving animated side view of the mouth and tongue plus a front view video of the instructor’s mouth show you exactly how to form proper English sounds.
  • Improve your listening ability with 650 different sentence exercises.
  • Practise pronunciation through exciting interactive exercises, including:
    • 780 selected English words chosen to demonstrate the 52 sounds
    • 1,040 comparative English words to identify sound differences
    • 520 different sentences to fully practice your acquired English skills

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Award-Winning Features

Pronunciation Power 2 has many technologically advanced features, as you can see from these actual screen shots.

Main Menu - Sounds
Main Menu – Sounds
  • Choose one of the 52 sounds by clicking it with your mouse
  • Hear each of the 52 sounds pronounced clearly by the instructor
  • Navigate through lessons, speech analysis and excercises
Speech Analysis
Speech Analysis
  • Listen to the instructor pronounce the sound; then see the instructor’s waveform
  • Record your own pronunciation and waveform of the sound
  • Compare your waveform to the instructor’s waveform
Vocal Mechanics
Vocal Mechanics
  • Learn how the sound is made through detailed pictures of the human mouth
  • Side view: observe the movement of an animated face – see the tongue guide the sound
  • Front view: observe the movement of the instructor’s mouth – see the lips form the sound
Practice Exercises
Practice Exercises
  • Choose from one of four exercise lesson sets to help you practise the 52 sounds
  • As you master the lessons you are mastering spoken English!
Sample and Comparative Words
Sample and Comparative Words
  • Study 15 example words plus 20 comparative words per sound
  • Listen to the instructor pronounce the sample and comparative words
  • Record your own voice and compare your pronunciation to the instructor’s
Listening Discrimination
Listening Discrimination
  • Up to 15 listening-discrimination exercises for each sound. Listen to the instructor reading a sentence
  • Choose the word that the instructor uses in each sentence
  • The program tells you if you identified the right word
Sentence Exercise
Sentence Exercise
  • 10 sentences per sound
  • Listen to the instructor read the sentence
  • Record your voice while you say the sentence
  • Compare your voice to the voice of your instructor – your English speaking partner

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sounds will Pronunciation Power teach me?
With Pronunciation Power you will learn the 52 basic sounds of clear English.

How many words can I practise in Pronunciation Power?
Pronunciation Power 1 has over 7,000 words and 2,000 sentences. In Pronunciation Power 2 you can practise over 1,800 individual words and 1,200 sentences.

How long is the program?
Pronunciation Power 1 and 2 contain well over 20 hours of instruction each, and you can practise with the program for hundreds of hours.

Does Pronunciation Power “show” me how to make English sounds?
Absolutely yes. This is one of the program’s many strong points. Moving pictures show you exactly how to move your mouth and tongue.

Does Pronunciation Power teach spelling?
Although not specially designed for it, Pronunciation Power teaches spelling indirectly and extremely effectively.

What level is Pronunciation Power for?
Pronunciation Power covers all levels. Pronunciation Power 1 is for Beginner to Intermediate levels. Pronunciation Power 2 is for Intermediate to Advanced levels.

What age is Pronunciation Power for?
The program is easy to use for all ages – from 8 to 80!

Can I use it alone or do I need a teacher?
Pronunciation Power is very easy to use. It is designed for students to use working alone or with a teacher.

What accent does Pronunciation Power use? British or American?
Pronunciation Power uses mainly an American English accent. However, the accent is not a strong one, and could be best described as International English.

Who uses Pronunciation Power?
Pronunciation Power is used and recommended around the world by universities, colleges and language schools. It is also used by many thousands of individual users. See Reviews below for recommendations about Pronunciation Power.

Can I record my own voice?
Yes! This is another very strong point. You can record your voice and playback to compare it to the instructor’s voice.

Will Pronunciation Power work on my computer?
Pronunciation Power works on most multimedia computers. It runs under Windows and Mac, and installation is very easy. You’ll need sound, a microphone and a CD drive. Please see below for full system requirements.

System Requirements Windows and Mac

Windows: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or 32-bit Windows 10; Intel Pentium 4 processor; 512MB of RAM; Microphone; Speakers

Macintosh: macOS v10.x; 512MB of RAM; Microphone; Speakers

What people are saying about Pronunciation Power

“A powerful interactive self-study tool that guides learners of the English language in improving their pronunciation through simple progressive stages. I give it a thumbs up.”
David D.I. Kim, Korea TESOL Journal

“I like the programs and think my students will get a lot out of them – they’re structured nicely and very user-friendly. Some students use them 2-3 hours straight or longer.”
Jack Chen, University of Delaware

“Pronunciation Power is the only pronunciation software in our Macintosh-based language labs at this time. The interface is intuitive enough to follow without reference to any manual or other instructions; a prerequisite for programs in our labs. Simple access to playing native models, recording student production, and comparing the two make this program an effective tool for learning instead of an obstacle, as more complicated programs sometimes prove to be. The variety of minimal pair discrimination exercises for all 52 phonemes presented provides plenty of instruction, practice, and reinforcement for students looking to improve their listening comprehension and pronunciation.”
John de Szendeffy, Boston University

“I would like to congratulate you and your design team; Pronunciation Power is an excellent teaching tool. It is also the program of choice by most of our students in our English Language Institute because of its ease of use, logical sequencing, variety and overall capacity of the program. We look forward to receiving your future products and ongoing updates.”
William B. Stewart, President and CEO, The YMCA of Greater Vancouver

“Pronunciation Power gives the user a wonderfully exciting experience to learn on one’s own.”
Kathryn Chiu, Proctor and Gamble Corporate Training Group, China

“Pronunciation Power has built in steps to developing fluency, beginning with listening exercises which concentrate on receptive skills and building up to recording pronunciation exercises. Students can hear the sound replayed as often as necessary, and record their voices for comparison. A visual representation of the sound aids pronunciation. A variety of activities reinforce the target sounds. Instructors can listen to the recordings and provide feedback. Higher level students can cope well with the written descriptions of sounds. The sound analysis feature is unique and could benefit students at all points on the CLB spectrum. Rating: Excellent.”
National ESL Software Inventory, Ottawa Board of Education

“Pronunciation Power is an excellent tool for students to learn the correct pronunciation of sounds as they are used in the English language. My students are extremely pleased with its easy to use and effective design. This software stands out as the best in its class and nothing compares in its price range. It is affordable, comprehensive and gives hours upon hours of solid practice. this products stands alone with its numerous lessons, exercises and visual feedback. the speech analysis lets learners see where they’re going wrong, even if they can’t hear it. Pronunciation Power is an outstanding piece of educational software, I’d recommend it for any second language learner.”
Michael J. Galli, Metropolitan Separate School Board, Toronto

2 reviews for Pronunciation Power 2

  1. 4 out of 5


    I like the programs and think my students will get a lot out of them – they’re structured nicely and very user-friendly. Some students use them 2-3 hours straight or longer.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is the most affordable product. It gives me hours and hours of practice.

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