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Study English in New Zealand

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New Zealand quick facts
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English-language schools in New Zealand

The Campbell Institute  updated 
Study English in Wellington or Auckland, New Zealand. The Campbell Institute offers courses in General English, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, Cambridge Exams and Work and Study programmes.
Town: Wellington
State: North Island
Waikato Institute of Education  updated 
Waikato Institute of Education is a New Zealand English Language School, which has provided English Courses in New Zealand for several years. Waikato Institute of Education offers quality and diversity in its students, staff and English courses.
Town: Hamilton
State: Waikato
Waikato Institute of Education  new 
Since 2003, Waikato Institute of Education (WIE) has been the English Language School of choice for thousands of international and domestic students wishing to improve their English and experience a unique Kiwi adventure.
Town: Hamilton
State: Waikato

New Zealand quick facts

Full name:New Zealand
Adjective:New Zealand
I like New Zealand food.
Population:over 4,000,000
Official language:English, Maori, New Zealand sign language
Main religions:Christian
Currency:New Zealand dollar (NZD)
Internet country
Telephone country code:+64

New Zealand map

New Zealand map

Map of New Zealand