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BKC-International House Moscow
English language school in Moscow, Russia
Town: Moscow
State: 121019
CET Language School
CET is a British owned and managed English language training organization with schools in Nizhnevartovsk and Tyumen, Russia. Qualified teachers from Russia, UK and USA. Practice in all language skills. Cambridge and Oxford coursebooks and materials.
Town: Tyumen, Nizhnevartov
EnglishMag Club
Specially for everyone who wants to improve their English language skills¸ and have an opportunity not only to travel, but also exchange experience and higher up their skills!
Town: Voronezh
State: Voronezh
Start2study develops and implements modern educational programs for the study of foreign languages.
Windsor English Language School in Russia
Our school is situated in the very heart of Russia, in Moscow. The company started its operations in 2003. Presently there are three schools in the centre of Moscow at convenient locations, and we teach more than thousand students per year.
Ya Polyglot
We are located in Samara, Russia, an historic but cosmopolitan city on the river Volga.

Russia quick facts

Full name:Russian Federation
I like Russian food.
Population:over 140,000,000
Official language:Russian
Main religions:Christian, Muslim
Currency:Russian ruble (RUR)
Internet country
Telephone country code:+7
Continent:Europe and Asia

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