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Country background
The USA is a country of 50 states covering the central part of the North American continent from the Atlantic coast in the east to the Pacific coast in the west, as well as Alaska in the northwest and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.

English-language schools in USA

Academia Language School
We offer a wide selection of English classes for all levels of students, TOEFL and TOEIC test preparation, and focus on helping each student design a custom program that meets their individual goals. Our Honolulu location is just a short walk from Waikiki
Town: Honolulu
State: Hawaii
Academic English Studies, Lewis & Clark
The Academic English Studies (AES) program offers full-time (18-20 hours per week) instruction for low-intermediate through advanced English language students.
Town: Portland
State: OR
American-English Institute
AEI offers 4- and 8-Week Intensive English Programs. Classes are Monday through Friday from 9-1. Students improve their reading, writing, grammar, and speaking and listening skills. 5 levels of proficiency are offered from high-beginner to advanced.
Town: Riverside
State: California
American-English Institute
Our mission is to help students improve their English and academic skills for academic, personal, and professional advancement.
Town: Riverside
State: California
Auburn University at Montgomery ESL Program  updated 
The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Auburn University at Montgomery provides exemplary English language training, using TESOL-certified teachers in courses specifically designed to better help international students master the English language.
Town: Montgomery
State: Alabama
Boston International Academy
Boston International Academy is dedicated to teaching English as a Second Language, including TOEFL Exam Preparation, to international students from around the globe in a small, dynamic classroom setting.
Town: Boston
State: MA
English Language Institute, Univ. of Florida
The University of Florida ELI offers intensive English that prepare students for using English in the real world. Listening/Speaking, Reading/Writing, Grammar, Pronunciation and TOEFL classes available.
Town: Gainesville
State: Florida
English Lanugage Institute - Mississippi State University
The English Language Institute (ELI) at Mississippi State University offers international students an intensive English language program, more than 20 hours per week of English language instruction.
Town: Mississippi State
State: MS
ESL Global Institute
ESLGI is an English language school based in the Silicon Valley in the San Francisco bay area.
Town: Pleasanton
State: CA
GEOS Languages Plus, Los Angeles (Torrance)
GEOS Languages Plus, Los Angeles is located in the business region of Torrance. We offer full-time and part-time Intensive English courses, IELTS test preparation courses, and private tutoring.
Town: Torrance
State: CA
Golden Gate Language Schools
Our English language school offers Intensive English, TOEFL and college preparation, conversation classes and business English. Since 1979, we have been providing effective English instruction year-round for beginning students to advanced learners.
Town: San Jose
State: California
IAE International Academy of English
The mission of the International Academy of English is to provide non-native speakers with quality English language instruction in order to help them read, write, speak and understand English at increasing levels of proficiency.
Town: Irvine
State: CA
International Center of CCCS
Learn English in New York City with native-English speakers!
Town: New York
State: NY
JEI Learning Center
JEI Learning Center is a highly recognized kids learning center located in many parts of the USA.
Town: Los Angeles
State: California
LASC is an ACCET-accredited, SEVP-certified school which has been at the forefront of English language education for international students in America since 1982.
Town: Los Angeles
State: California
Lawsons Homestay
International students and visitors who come to Los Angeles for a short period of time (1 to 12 months) will be pleased with our friendly and outstanding personal service.
Town: Los Angeles
State: California
Madison ESL School (MESLS)
MESLS is located in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin (ranked in the top 10 places to live) and is devoted to providing high quality language instruction in a friendly, home-like setting to help students improve their English language abilities.
Town: Madison
State: Wisconsin
Northern State University Intensive English Program
The Northern State University Intensive English Program is dedicated to assisting all students with their English language acquisition and their acculturation to the United States.
Town: Aberdeen
State: South Dakota
Shepherd School of Language
Shepherd School of Language in Las Vegas (SSL) is dedicated to the teaching and learning of English as a Second Language for adults. We are an SEVP I-20 approved school which offers Intensive English Programs to international students.
Town: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
TLA - The Language Academy
The Language Academy is a leading English School for International students and business executives. FOr 12 years TLA has been nominated for the ST Star Award ENGLISH SCHOOL NORTH AMERICA.
Town: Fort Lauderdale
State: Florida

USA quick facts

Full name:United States of America
I like American food.
Population:over 300,000,000
Capital:Washington DC
Official language:English (in 28 states), French (in Louisiana), Hawaiian (in Hawaii), Spanish (in New Mexico). NB: no official language at the national federal level
Main religions:Christian, Muslim, Jewish
Currency:US dollar (USD)
Internet country code:.us
Telephone country code:+1
Continent:North America

USA map

USA map

Map of USA

Video about learning English in USA

Tales from America (from the Learning English Video Project)
This film is set in New York City. While the learners in Tales from America describe New York as "big", "unbelievable" and even "lonely" at times, Emmerson uses the words "busy", "vibrant" and "very multi-cultural". The film profiles a handful of learners from diverse backgrounds, including students from Argentina, Austria and South Korea. One of the main messages from the film is that learning English is becoming a necessity in many parts of the world. Interviewees agree that whether you are a translator, a computer engineer or a yoga instructor English is an international language that people "need" in today's job market.

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