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In this Teach English section you'll find materials and pages designed to help in your teaching. Don't forget, there are many resources in Learn English that you may also find useful.

ESL Worksheets
Printer-friendly worksheets and printables, sorted by skill or topic

ESL Handouts
Convenient handouts with practical information for your students

ESL Activities
Ideas for activities and games in the English classroom

ESL Lesson Plans
Classroom materials, games and activities

TEFL Forum
Online discussion for TEFL teachers

TEFL Training
Information and objective advice

School Projects
Set up class projects with other teachers

ESL Jobs
Job offers for ESL teachers worldwide

TEFL Articles
articles about teaching English

Teaching Tips
Advice for new and not so new teachers

Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties
Background and advice on helping in special cases

ELT Management
Tools, tips and resources for school administrators and management staff

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How to teach English with EnglishClub

Useful warm-up games and activities

A short history of English

English Grammar Terms

Common English exams and tests

English levels and corresponding exams

Simple online level test

This Week in History

ESL Forums for learners (teachers welcome)

More resources in our Learn English section