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Below you will find ten common themes that ESL teachers use. If you use a theme-based textbook, you can supplement your curriculum with English Club activities to keep your students interested. Your themes may be slightly different from the ones listed here. For example, Chapter One of your textbook might be called, "Getting around Town". If this is the case, you may be able to use some exercises from the following themes, such as an activity on money. A Unit called "The Human Body" may be suitable for activities on clothing or health. If you have to gather all of your own materials rather than having a core textbook, you might want to try teaching with themes. While not all activities will be suitable for the level or size of your class, you can adapt or sort through them to find the ones you like best. Some activities make great homework assignments or quizzes, while others can be used for a full class lesson. A number of these activities come from TEFL.net which is a part of the English Club community.


Animals Sounds: Computer Quiz
Animal Idioms: Definitions, Examples, Quiz
Children's Story about Farm Animals: Story, Vocabulary, Questions, Quiz
Children's Story about Animals from different regions: Story, Vocabulary, Quizzes
Animal Crossword Puzzles
Animal Jumble Puzzles
Animals and Animosity: Idioms, Gap Fill, Discussion Questions
Animals and the Environment: Vocabulary, Paired Discussion
Animal Alphabet: Blank Worksheet


Illustrated Clothes: Label
Illustrated Accessories: Label
Illustrated Clothes: Quiz
Clothing Idioms: Definitions, Examples, Quiz
Clothing Jumble Puzzles: Computer
What am I wearing? Group Games
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Reading and Quiz
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Pair Activities
Nudity: Reading


Food Idioms: Definitions, Examples, Quiz
Working in the Food Industry: Vocabulary, Dialogues, Quiz
Food Crossword Puzzles: Computer
Food Matching Puzzle: Computer
British Food: Pair Activity
Eating Habits: Pair Activity
Food Habits and Holidays: Pair Activity


World Vocabulary
Geography Crossword Puzzles: Computer
Geography Matching Puzzles: Computer
Children's Story about Animals from different Regions: Story, Vocabulary, Quizzes
British vs. American English
Geography Idioms: Definitions, Examples, Quiz
Countries: Worksheet
Country;Nationality;Language: Worksheet
ESL World Section: Information about various countries where ESL is taught

Holidays and Travel

Christmas Vocabulary
Children's Story about Animals Taking a Holiday: Story, Vocabulary, Quizzes
Working in the Tourism Industry: Vocabulary, Dialogues, Quizzes
Working in the Hotel Industry: Vocabulary, Dialogues, Quizzes
Air Travel Vocabulary
Is Halloween Harmful: Discussion, Matching
Tourism and Holidays: Partner Discussion
Christmas-A Global Phenomenon: Pair Activity
The First Christmas Card: Reading
Christmas Conversations: Practice Past, Present, Future
Christmas Games: True and False; Unjumble
Christmas: Vocabulary and Pair Conversation
Holidays and Hotels: Pair Activity
Holidays-Phrases and Places: Gap; Matching; Conversation
Holiday Word Partners: Pair Activity
Language Holidays: Reading


EC section on Using English in the Workplace
Resume Vocabulary
Employment Vocabulary
Employment Jumble Puzzle: Computer
EC section on Business English
How to Write a Resume and Cover Letter
More on Writing Resumes and Cover Letters
Writing Cover Letters: Reading

Numbers and Money

Money Vocabulary
Business English: Money; World Currencies, Currency Converter
Money Quiz
Discussion Topic: Defining Success
Numbers For Kids
Numbers Vocabulary
Banking Vocabulary
Weights and Measures
More Numbers Vocabulary
Roman Numerals
Times and Dates
Numbers Crossword Puzzle: Computer
Numbers Puzzle: Computer

Sports and Health

Football Vocabulary
Phrasal Verbs: Many verbs used in sports
The Tortoise and the Hare: Reading
Working in the Medical Industry: Vocabulary, Dialogues, Quizzes
Sports Idioms: Definitions, Examples, Quiz
Sports Crossword Puzzles: Computer
Sports Puzzles: Computer
Body Idioms: Definitions, Examples, Quiz
The Olympic Games: Reading
The Olympic Games: Conversation Practice
Is Football a Waste of Time: Conversation Practice
Sports Quiz


Computer Vocabulary
More Computer Vocabulary
Technology Crossword Puzzle: Computer
E-English: Reading
Self Study=Distance Learning: Article
Using Keywords on Resumes: Reading
Sharing Favourite Links: A list of fun ESL websites


Lesson on Weather: Vocabulary, Dialogues, Quizzes
Geography and Weather Idioms: Definitions, Examples, Quiz
Months of the Year Vocabulary
Weather Crossword Puzzle: Computer
Avalanches: Reading and Fill-in-blanks
Natural Disasters: Pair Activity
Let it Snow: Conversation, Vocabulary, Gap
Children's story about building a snowman: Story, Vocabulary, Quizzes

Other Themes
If you have other themes that you need lessons and activities for, type your topic into the English Club search bar, and sort through the various items that contain this keyword. If it is a common theme used in ESL you will likely find plenty of teaching aids by doing this.
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