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How to Teach English with EnglishClub

a handy guide for the hard-pressed teacher

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One of the most challenging parts of teaching English is lesson planning. While some schools have a set curriculum for teachers to follow, most require teachers to bring in extra work for students. Some teachers have textbooks to use for their core courses, but still need to come up with ideas for warm ups, quizzes, and time fillers. The majority of English teachers have very few resources and are constantly having to reinvent their material to keep students interested.

Whether you are a private tutor who teaches English in your home, or a college professor who teaches English in a large classroom, EnglishClub can save you time. There is so much to see and do on this website that you may miss some resources that fit in wonderfully with your own curriculum. The following pages are filled with ideas and links to help save you time while planning interesting, fun and worthwhile activities and lessons for your students. Depending on what your classroom resources are, you may have to adapt some ideas and activities. You can print out pages that you need, have students do part of their assignments on a home or library computer, or set your entire class up in a computer lab.

At EnglishClub, we recognize that there are many different approaches to teaching English. Some teachers prefer the whole-language approach, while others prefer to separate skills based on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Read through our ideas and use the ones that are most appropriate for your style of teaching and your students.

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