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Teaching ESL is often divided into the four major (or macro) skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Some teachers approach all of these skills as one with whole-language teaching, and others teach them separately. The following links will take you to areas of EnglishClub that contain activities, lessons and practice in each of the four major skills. Some of these activities can be assigned for homework and others can be printed and used in the classroom. This page will help save you time when it comes to planning your classes and lessons.

EnglishClub Listening Resources

EnglishClub Listening

Weekly LISTEN & LEARN: Audio, Gapfill, Questions

News Stories: Audio, Gapfill, Questions

Airline Announcements audio icon

Checking in and Out of a Hotel: Dialogue and Questions audio icon

Listen to the Tour Guide: Speech and Questions audio icon

Listening - a good way to learn English: Article

TOEFL Listening Practice audio icon

TOEIC Listening Practice audio icon

EnglishClub Speaking Resources

EnglishClub Speaking

The Importance of Speaking Practice - article

Word Stress and Sentence Stress - article

Informal Contractions - article

English for Work - dialogues and questions audio icon

Pronunciation Lessons audio icon

Lesson on Business Negotiations

Weekly News - audio, gapfill, discussion audio icon

English for Work lessons audio icon

Talking Point discussions

EnglishClub Reading Resources

EnglishClub Reading

Brief History of the English Language - article

English for Kids - stories, vocab, quizzes audio icon

Daily English Tests

Reading Review: handout

Articles for Reading Practice

TOEFL Reading Practice

TOEIC Reading Practice

Test Student Reading Level

Poems, Bios, Short Stories

Jokes for different learning levels

Talking Point Homework - short readings with quizzes

EnglishClub Writing Resources

EnglishClub Writing

Spelling with -ing: Worksheet

Writing Business Letters

Monthly News Digest: See Essay Topics and Answering Comprehension questions

TOEFL Practice: How to write a TOEFL Essay

Easy Email Article

Describing Things: Worksheet

General Knowledge Quiz

EnglishClub also has numerous resources for teaching specific grammar points. To locate these pages, simply type the grammar point you are focusing on into the EC keyword search. You may also want to direct your students to the Grammar Help Desk.

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