Top English Teaching Tips

Advice for new and not so new teachers

Teaching Multi-Level Classes
Advantages and challenges. With glossary, suggested activities and teaching strategies

Teaching Large Classes
Strategies for coping and activities to use when teaching English to classes with many students

Teaching Small Classes
Challenges and advantages of teaching English to classes with few students

Teacher Taboos
How to avoid doing or saying the wrong thing when teaching in a foreign culture. With list of specific taboos

Using Music in the ESL Classroom
Benefits, techniques and suggested activities when teaching English with music

Liz Regan's 20 Teaching Tips
Of general help to new teachers or others who simply wish to brush up on their technique []

Common TEFL Confusions
This page is about confusions that teachers often have, rather than confusions that students have. []

Inspirational Quotes for Teachers
These wise and motivational quotes can offer a boost to teachers when they need it most. []

6 Ways to SHUT UP
Required reading for all language teachers [Tefl.NET]

Matt's ESL Games and Quizzes - for immediate download
Do not push the river; it will flow by itself.proverb