Online collaborative writing project

For teachers seeking other teachers for correspondence or to set up inter-school projects such as penpals or chat.

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Online collaborative writing project

Unread post by susanolsberg » Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:44 pm

I am an English teacher in Jerusalem, Israel in an all girls high level high school and seventh grade (opening this year). This year i happen to have been assigned all native English speaker classes.

I am looking for a school to pair up with anywhere in the world; in which my girls and the other school will be reading literature and writing responses to what they have read online. I would like to give my students the opportunity to peer edit and be peer edited by other students of their own age. In addition, it would be great to use it as an opportunity to share information about both their cultures - maybe even prepare presentations about their countries and cultures and present possibly over Skype.

I have lots of ideas, but just need a fellow teacher with the creativity and technology to join me.
Waiting to hear from you!
All the best,

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