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Have bachelor's degree, but not TEFL cert. How to get ESL job?

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Have bachelor's degree, but not TEFL cert. How to get ESL job?

Unread post by LisafromUSA » Sun Aug 16, 2015 6:35 am

Hi, everyone:

People keep telling me they know people who teach ESL in other countries (I'm in the USA) without having any kind of TEFL certification. The job postings I've seen do seem to want some kind of ESL certification, though.

I have a degree but no TEFL certification, so I'm hoping to find a teaching position where ESL training is provided. I was thinking that my years of experience working in software and healthcare might make me marketable for jobs with students wanting to learn the vocabulary of those industries as part of their ESL classes. (So many people want to come to the US for education or employment in IT and medicine.)

Is there a website that would be a good place to find such a job? Or is there a company that hires people wit degrees but no TEFL?

I should say that I'm older, not a student or new grad. I'm looking for a job that will cover my expenses for getting there and pay enough to support me. Also, I'd like to be able to be selective about which country I work in. I have a strong preference for an industrialized country. I do NOT want to be in a hot, humid climate. Somewhere in Europe would be my first choice, but I gather it's almost impossible to get a work visa there if you're not from an EU country.

All advice is welcome!

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Re: Have bachelor's degree, but not TEFL cert. How to get ESL job?

Unread post by Susan » Sun Aug 16, 2015 11:49 am

Some of the chains hire teachers without qualifications and provide training in their method. They're ok for someone starting out but are not always the best employers.
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