exchange ESL teaching jobs?

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exchange ESL teaching jobs?

Unread post by ridersam » Mon Jul 14, 2008 10:51 pm

I'm an EFL teacher working in a further education establishment: ENAC, the state aviation school for training various types of student such as engineers, pilots etc. The school is situated in Toulouse in the southwest of France. I'm hoping to exchange with someone abroad, for 6 months or a year. The other teacher would not necessarily have to have experience in the sector of aviation though that would be helpful.
The exchange can only be conducted with someone who works in a state institution and where their school wants and is able to participate in such a scheme. The advantage for the school is to have a member of their staff gaining valuable experience in an aviation school of international stature. For the teacher involved it would also be to discover the great lifestyle and culture of people living in the south of France.
The idea is that we would both keep our current jobs to return to at the end of the exchange period.
If you think you might be interested and would like more information then please don't hesitate to contact me by mail. And if you yourself are not able/interested but know someone who might be please feel free to send this on to them.
My email:
Here is my CV


English EFL teacher

British and French nationalities

Age 53

Current residence :

Al Bosc Grand

81500 LAVAUR


Education and Diplomas

BA Philosophy and Literature University of York: 1975

PGCA English, London University: 1977

Masters degree in Philosophy at the University of Toulouse, France: "Relativity and the Problem of Reality": 1983

Courses in e-learning and languages, pedagogy, managing a team: 1990 - 2007

Work experience

teaching evening classes in Paris 1976-77

teaching private lessons in Martinique 1977-78

teaching English as a foreign language in France 1978 - 2007

first in the private sector and then if colleges of further education mainly engineering schools

working at the state aviation acadamy: Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile from 1988 on

became a "fonctionnaire" by exam in 2002

Types of work done

vandriving, private individual lessons, group lessons for private companies, language training for various populations: air-hostesses, businessmen, engineers, pilots, air-traffic controllers...

creation and organisation of teaching materials, organisation of courses and teachers

supervision of digital labs and networks in the school

Other activities and experience

Underwater diving: level 2 in the French Federated system.

various sports: tennis, skiing, boomerang, top-spinning

music: playing bass guitar in a rock group

travel: have visited various countries and lived in India 4years, Papua, New Guinea 1 year, Martinique 1 year, France 29 years

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