Some pointers with my pre CELTA interview task

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Some pointers with my pre CELTA interview task

Unread post by starsinthesky » Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:50 pm

hey guys,

I have completed my pre CELTA task but I am not confident of my answers on a few of the questions. If any of you could look over them and give me some pointers I would be most appreciative.
Please note that I have already done the test myself so I am not asking anyone to give me the answers, merely opinions about whether i'm in the right direction or not, also in the criteria for the test it states I am allowed to use outside resources to help me such as books. Thanks!!!

Look at the following learner errors and:

a) correct them.
b) identify the pattern in English grammar that the learner is overgeneralizing.
c) clarify why the pattern does not apply in this case.

1) I didn’t talked to Angela yesterday.

a. I didn’t talk to Angela yesterday
b. We do not use past participle when using past simple construction
c) When using conjugation of do in this way we do not need to used the ed form

2) I worked really hardly and we got the contract.

a. I worked really hard and we got the contract
b) Using intensifiers to emphasise the verb by adding ly on the end
c) In this case by adding ly on the end it gives the opposite meaning. Really is the intensifier in the sentence not hardly

3) I have seen the film Titanic ten years ago.

a. I saw the film Titanic ten years ago
b) student has used present perfect formation instead of past simple
c) Use past simple construction because we are talking about a completed action in the past

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