Outsider input on my lesson plan

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Outsider input on my lesson plan

Unread post by krillenec » Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:49 pm

I will soon finish my TEFL course. I have completed all the units and the last test is to make your own lesson plan. Im gonna teach a pre-intermediate level class wich focus during the lesson should lie on the contrast between simple present and present continuous tense. Iam almost done with my lesson plan. The only thing left for me is the activate stage. The reason why I post this is because I want an experienced outsider input. So here we goes:

1. Show the students to their seats and start small talking by asking them questions about sports. Do you play football? Wich sport are you apart of? How long has you been playing ping pong etc-Study 6 min
2. Simple present worksheet activity, find someone who...?-5 min
3. Feedback from the worksheet above-4 min
4. Pre-teach vocabulary and structures that are often used in sports and sport journalism etc.-Study 6 min
5. Receptive skill exercise by listening on a conversation from the coursebook on a cassette- Study 4 min
6. Explain on the board the usage and pronunciation of the ing form in present continuos+ drilling-Study 5 min
7. Worksheet that contains two parts, reading comphrension and gaps filling. Students will be using both simple present and present continous in gap filling. The text is based around the receptive skill exercise from above-study 7 min
8. Feedback from the worksheet above-4 min

As you can see I haven't done the activate stage yet or made a spellcheck

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