Can somebody help in answering for thesis

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Can somebody help in answering for thesis

Unread post by Alua » Thu May 12, 2016 7:53 am

Hi I`m writing thesis about Student centered learning. It is qualitative research .And based on opinion and experience sharing :D Here are questions
1.Do you use student centered learning in your classroom ?
2.Do you use Student centered assessment as a assessment tool in your classroom ?
If yes can you tell about you experience of usage student centered assessment in the classroom?
.What kind of assessment tool do you use ? Probably, formative/interim/summative ?
3..What can you tell about conjunction of formative, interim and summative assessments in the ELT environment ?
4.What do you know about Balanced assessment ?
5. Do you think that formative assessment is as important as summative? Do you think there should be some balance? Should one of them outweigh the other?
6.What is your attitude towards that kind of assessment? Do you see any challenges/problems? Might it take too much time and become impossible? What about the skills? Do you need to develop skills in student centered assessmen? Teacher training, possibly?
7.Do you think it is to use Balanced assessment in the ELT classroom ?If yes why ? Please justify your main points .

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