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Scholarly Writing

Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2008 9:18 am
by Alvin Ray Ramos
Good Day Fellos!

I have composed a short essay about Moral and Cultural Revolution to address change. I would want to ask for your honest and sincere suggestions, criticisms, additions, etc about the essay.

It will be well appreciated.

Thank You!

"Change is like a fertilizer; i order to do good, it must be spread around."

If we want change for our country, people should make the initiative to realize it. When I speak of people, i mean everyone; i mean all that represents us in the government. Morally speaking, our government (public servants) should start being true to their duties. Honesty and Integrity is a must as they fulfill their duties witnessed by the constitution and people. It's time that they should serve first the people whom they vowed to provide better lives. It's time that they put sincerity in their responsibilities so as to be worthy of their names - President, Senators, Congressmen, etc. It's time that they renew themselves to be able to start everything in a good way.

In order for us to organize a cultural/nationalistic revolution, it is necessary for us to change our ways and values to. Let us not every time blame others of our misfortunes and downfalls. Look at ourselves and try to assess if we are working for our own good too. Cultural revolution calls for a great change in people. Great change includes optimism regarding life, expression of ourselves, exercise of rights and freedom, maintenance of peace and order, and courage to stand for the truth.
As a Thomasian Scholar, I can help in providing inspiration and information to people on how to bring about change. Scholarly advices and wisdom are few of the things I can offer to my fellow countrymen. But what is important that should accompany the work or efforts I make is PRAYER - constant prayer. It's time to lift it all to HIM. It's time that we repent for all our misdeeds. It's time to pray.
Thus, I favor Moral revolution and Cultural revolution for both sides so as to promote change. Change that will eventually lead to progress and development of our beloved country.