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*New* Handouthub.com | TEFL/ESL supplementary materials

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Handouthub.com | A brand new website for TEFL/ESL supplementary materials!

From staring at a whole wall of books and supplementary materials to having to reinvent the wheel every day, supplementing lessons can be a time-consuming process. Since most English teachers have been in this situation at some point in their work, and most of us use the same books where ever we go, we decided to create a website. Introducing http://www.handouthub.com, a brand new TEFL/ESL supplementary materials website; where teachers and schools can subscribe to download any of 1014 (and increasing) handouts for use in their classroom. Handouthub.com is unique not only for the quality of its English handouts, but because it matches worksheets in its database with the chapters and pages of leading EFL book titles, including:

*New English File
*New and Classic Cutting Edge
*New Headway
*New and Classic Inside Out
*Total English
*Language to Go
*Market Leader
*Focus on IELTS

Handouthub.com offers other innovative means by which teachers can locate supplementary classroom English worksheets. You can browse handouts by grammar focus, by vocabulary focus, by the skill, by the activity type and do a simple or advanced search. So whatever you’re teaching today, you’re guaranteed to find something quickly and easily that you can use in your classroom, saving you precious time and effort. Just rowse the book chapter you’re teaching and click ‘download’.

Handouthub.com handouts are categorised by level from starter to advanced, and come in many different activity and skill types. Our main focus is grammar and vocabulary through speaking and writing. We aim to get students producing the target language or vocabulary of the day, either through pair or group communication or individually on paper. There are hundreds of individual, pair and group work handouts on a massive range of TEFL topics from adjectives to the zero conditional.

There are also dozens of activity types tailored to a multiple of teaching styles and anything to suit any stage of your lesson. So from card games to board games, crosswords to writing tasks, and structured speaking tasks to free speaking debates, all revolving around common and engaging TEFL/ESL topics, we guarantee you a full range of pedagogically-sound EFL resources at handouthub.

Subscriptions for individual teachers cost £25 and from £90 for institutions (for five teachers – see website for details on larger institutions). All subscriptions offer unlimited downloads and are valid for a year. All payments are securely made through PayPal, the Internet’s most trusted payment gateway. We think for the service we offer, and compared to both other online supplementary material sites and to paper resource books, this is excellent value both to the teacher and especially to schools.

So for great productive practice that will improve your students’ use of English, give them handouthub.com handouts. Just browse our sample handouts page at: http://www.handouthub.com/sample-worksheets. We're confident you’ll find our handouts motivating, engaging and grounded in solid TEFL/ESL methodology for your students, whilst lessening the burden on your limited preparation and planning time.

Will Pearson
Founder of Handouthub.com
October 2009

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