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Where to start...

Unread post by dloonatics » Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:42 am

I'm from Slovakia. I'd like to offer an English class for the beginners here in my hometown. There is none available and I know that there is a market for it. I would like to ask you experienced teachers what is the best and most efficient way of approaching this task. I don't really want to do it the "mainstream" way (I mean what is thought to be mainstream here) and that is: grammar, excercises, more grammar rules, more excercises and hardly any time left for speaking and proper conversation. I do understand grammar is very important part of the language (and I still need to improve mine as you can probably see...) But I think that when it is made a priority - when students, on one hand know all the possible verb tenses and conditionals (just to give an example) and use it theoretically in excercises that are focusing on that one particular grammar issue, but on the other hand when it comes to having a conversation they can hardly put together one simple sentence (often messing up the word order, because they tend to translate it in their heads word by word according to their native language structure)..
I think I will need to use a coursebook and I would also like to ask you which one is the best on the market (in your opinion). When I studied English in London few years ago I enjoyed the various teaching methods used by my teacher and I would like to implement those too - songs, games, newspaper clippings etc...
What would your advice to be on structure of the lesson (it's most probably going to be 90 minutes once a week)
I do have teaching qualification (I studied History and Philosophy) but I've never taught a language to group of adult students.
Thank you all, your input would be very much appreciated. I hope the post is clear (I tend to overexplain...)

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