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Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 7:48 pm
by MaureenQC
I have been giving classes in English conversation for some time now. I have separate classes for the different levels. Until now, all my classes have been divided into periods with various games (board, card, etc.), theme-based vocabulary exercises in the form of crosswords, clozes, multiple-choice, etc., audio and video for listening comprehension, role play and free discussions.

Minimal grammar is offered because the students have all had the basic grounding in this. The grammar we have looked at though targets problem areas that are specific to French-speaking students (e.g., when to use make and do, say and tell and other similar situations where they use one word for both functions, prepositions of time and place, etc.).

I am getting more and more requests from my beginners for more vocabulary exercises. I have the material but I am a little at a loss about which subjects I should present, in what order and what would be the most beneficial for them in their future contacts with native English speakers.

Background: These students are middle-aged to senior citizens and travel a fair amount. This means they usually have a rudimentary vocabulary for travelling (making reservations, going through customs, dining out, weather, etc.). Outside of their trips, the only access they have to English is through the media.

Would appreciate any thoughts on this?