Where do I start with this student?

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Where do I start with this student?

Unread post by Sooty » Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:14 pm

Hi everyone,

I am an English teacher teaching in a neighbourhood school in Singapore. All students learn English in Singapore, and therefore the 'base' standard of English in Singapore is not too bad. However, this year I've been assigned a class with one student who is particularly weak in terms of the way that she write essays and letters.

It would be a simple issue if she were only using 'Singlish' (the Singaporean version of English that's a little less stringent on grammar than standard English) - since even Singlish has rules that are followed. For this particularly student's attempts, her writings tend to resemble more 'Engrish" than anything. But yet she's perfectly able to communicate in English when speaking, in a way that is less broken than when she writes. Here's a sampling:

Our choice of activities would best fit the selected organisation, since it consist of visiting the Science center and learning survival skill and playing games at there. Consequently, the children's home preferred this types of activities which is stated on the flyer. Furthermore, our activities need alot of energy thus working with the children from the home will we be a good alternative for everyone. In addition, the activities will benefit the class and the home as they wil be able to create strong connetion between each other.

Finally, our class would benefit many extradinrary emotion, knowledge and skills from organising this project. The class will learn how to plan and organise this project by ourselves and learn to overcome difficulties and obstacle. As a result, many skills will be gain in how to handle the youngs and from the activities as well. Therefore, feelings and emotion will be shared, with relisation from our classmate of how lucky to have a life like our and appreciate our life and people or love one around us. Moreover, the class will have a stronger bonding connection.

I see occasional use of good phrases, some appropriate vocabulary as well as an attempt to utilise transitional words. There are some grammatical errors, but these are not isolated. Idiomatically, everything's just in a mess. Every time I look at her work I have to resist just writing a huge "EXP" across every paragraph.

So the million dollar question... how exactly do I go about helping this student improve her writing?

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Re: Where do I start with this student?

Unread post by Susan » Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:36 pm

Can you suggest she does a lot of reading outside the classroom and maybe in. Exposure to real written English may help.


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