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Re: Transform teaching with tablets

Unread post by ZionRion » Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:53 pm

I think adapting to a robust system like Mythware could be a shock to most schools. It looks like more of an 'end-game option' to me. The initial benefits of tablets are built in... Internet access... Portability... Amazing multi-functionality.

It's fine that students take notes on tablets, but it's up to teachers to expand on that, like ask students to add photos or images from the web into their notes and output.

Google Classroom and Nearpod, are amazing free options for getting onto your students screens. But I think the real game-changer for teachers is the tablet/projector tandem. Almost all of my materials are slideshows now, and it's so helpful in lessons to show videos and photos of past lessons as examples for activities and projects.

Please share your own schools outcomes!

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