Researching reading comprehension: Please help!

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Researching reading comprehension: Please help!

Unread post by afoxman » Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:18 pm

Good morning, all!

I am investigating the best reading comprehension strategies for upper grade ELL students as part of my master's research. If you could take a few minutes to take my online survey, I would appreciate it very much!

The survey can be found here:

Here's some background information about my project: As a bilingual teacher at the high school level in the United States, I have noticed that bilingual students in upper grades often have significant gaps in their literacy. While there seems to be a good amount of research about how to help elementary level students with their reading comprehension, I have found much less information about how to help middle and high school students improve their literacy. My hope is that, by surveying bilingual teachers from a number of different areas and programs, I may be able to identify patterns in the most effective strategies for helping these older ELL students.

Again, I would be very grateful for your help with my brief survey! Thanks and best wishes!

(I also would be happy to share the results of my survey once it's completed, if anyone is interested.)

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