culture in classroom

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culture in classroom

Unread post by jfernjfern » Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:03 pm

Hi i am a teacher in philadelphia and was wondering....How do you incorporate an ELLs native culture in your classroom? Are there any interesting lessons or suggestions for doing this that you have?

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Re: culture in classroom

Unread post by LeesaJohnson » Mon Mar 06, 2017 8:31 am

You should try to create a healthy and motivational environment in the classroom so that the students can learn with more interest.

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Re: culture in classroom

Unread post by NancyTwain » Mon May 15, 2017 8:44 am

hello, as a teacher I say classroom must be with positive climate and inspirational where kids can enjoy. Your classroom must be in structured environment, develop a code of conduct and response with positive vibe so that kids feel comfortable and safe.

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Re: culture in classroom

Unread post by MilaSolaris » Wed May 24, 2017 7:48 am

Hello, what do you mean by "ELLs native culture"? If you are about "the way British people do smth" I tell and show a lot. starting with such basic things as margines in the notebook and handwriting and lots of other things nice to remember. If you are interested in something particular let me know, try to help.

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