ESL activities for kids too old/advanced for the provided material

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ESL activities for kids too old/advanced for the provided material

Unread post by chtchr » Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:57 am

I've been teaching for a few years now, mostly in China but also a few other countries. However, I've found myself in a position I've not been in before and I'm a little lost for ideas. I've just come back to China after a year in Cambodia, and I've been given my first class at my new school. The problem I'm having is these kids have studied before at another school, but my school has started them from the very beginning of their system as though they were new learners. So I have a class of 10 year olds, but I'm supposed to be teaching them the letter B for their whole first week. Then next week it's the letter A for a whole week. Yes, for some reason this school does not teach the alphabet in order. They teach B, A, T, S, O, P, and so on, in some seemingly random order. But, that is getting off topic. Obviously 10 year olds that have already studied at another school do not need to learn the letter B for a week, though when I went to management with that I was told to stick to the schedule. My first 1 hour class with the kids we checked they can recognise upper and lower case, checked their phonics, ran through every word they knew starting with the letter b and burned through every possible game I could come up with for learning just one letter that wasn't designed for 3 year olds.

I would love to hear suggestions from people as to what they would do in this situation.
Some game ideas, or time consuming activities would be great. I realise a teacher should never attempt to waste time. However, in this case it is exactly what I've been instructed to do by my manager. Their suggestion was to just waste time until we get up to a part in the book that is new to the children. So the parents will continue to pay for unnecessary classes of course.

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