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A good course book for Proficiency?

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:35 pm
by marginal
Hi Everyone,

I've been asked to teach a 100-hour Cambridge Proficiency exam preparation course and I haven't done one before. The school has asked me to pick a book for the course. I'd like to hear your opinions on different proficiency course books and which ones are your favourites. I know there's a lot less material for proficiency than for the other exam levels, and the couple of books I've seen look, quite frankly, very dull.

Some things I'm interested in:
-a user-friendly student's book, clearly organised, appealing to the eye, interesting.
-a teacher's book that an experienced teacher can actually find useful -i.e. rather than telling you which exercise to do next and how to give students instructions, perhaps some language clarification, why one answer is correct and another isn't; problem points, etc.
-perhaps a resource bank for classroom activities -it seems some course book writers have decided that students at this level don't need language games anymore and everything can just be exam tasks. It'd be very helpful and time-saving if I didn't have to design my own activities for all the language content.

Thanks for your help!