Teaching a Multi-Level Classroom Workshop

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Teaching a Multi-Level Classroom Workshop

Unread post by skinsk » Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:00 am

Hello Everyone :D ,

I am a teacher trainer in Korea, and I would like to know your opinions on teaching a Multilevel classroom since I would like to run a workshop in the future on this topic. In the past, I have given my teachers/trainees activities for each level (for example.. . Listening is for lower level,Speaking is for lower intermediate, Reading is for intermediate , and Writing is for advance students) to use in their classrooms . But my question is how would you run a workshop on teaching a multi-level classroom? Would you show the trainees activities that can be scaffold or increased in difficulty? If so, how? I have tried that, and the teachers did not like that. However; please let me know your opinions. :mrgreen: :ok:
SK Jones

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Re: Teaching a Multi-Level Classroom Workshop

Unread post by bclemons » Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:18 am

Hi SK,

That is a difficult situation. I have no experience teaching English abroad, but I have worked in ENL classrooms and General Ed classrooms containing ELL students in the United States. Have you considered breaking the class into groups based off of their language level and having the groups working on tasks simultaneously? Perhaps students can complete similar assignments adapted to their language level. For instance, lower level students could be given a word bank or sentence frames to give them support while higher language learners will be expected to go off memory.

Another trick I have often used is setting up rotations, where the instructor works in a small group while other students are completing another task. They could be doing listening, speaking, writing activities, computer activities, etc. while you are working with your group. Take turns so students all get turns with you. (Of course, you can decide who goes to what station depending on their language needs!)

Of course, you are working in a totally different culture with students with their own needs, and I am giving you a response as a primary teacher would approach the problem. But I hope this may at least give you some ideas!

Good luck!

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Re: Teaching a Multi-Level Classroom Workshop

Unread post by AaronTNelson » Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:26 am

Hi SK,
Boy, hats off to you!I have dealt with multilevel classes, and have found them to be such a challenge! One idea that I would for sure use is connecting stronger students with weaker ones. I've used this many times, and it works very well!

To apply this idea to your workshop for teachers: 1. What if you taught/showed teachers speed evaluation techniques, like simple/informal interviews or conversations with students so the teacher can measure fluency? 2. Then help your teachers understand the benefits to having stronger students mentor weaker ones - peer teaching. 3. Suggest role of teacher in peer teaching situation as a roving guide. Model it. 4. Practice it: any chance you could bring in a few real students for teachers to practice interviewing? (Making sure the students are mixed fluency.)

I have used peer teaching with kids and adults - it worked very well! Hope this helps.
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