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Tefl Certification test Assistance

Unread post by dalerin » Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:24 pm

Hello all,

I need assistance with my test certification test! I have, recently, complete my first attempt and received a 60%! I need to get a 75 % or higher to complete the test! I only have two more attempts to complete and would like some assistance with the test ! Below, you will find the questions on the test and if someone could, assist me with the answers! Thank you all for your assistance and I look forward to your replies!

Methodology, Approaches and Learning Principles
Match the teaching approach to the description / activity listed below.

The teacher asks their students to stand, sit, dance, run, clap and shout – which they do. The class then play a game of Simon Says taking it in turns to lead the activity.

The teacher works hard to ensure that as many activities as possible focus on interaction in the classroom with this interaction being both the means and the goal of learning the language. Activities used will include role play, interviews, games, activities and pair work. The ability to interact in the new language is the key to all that is done in the classroom.

A group of students are given a travel guide and asked to plan a 2 week holiday for next year and then to sell the holiday to other students in the class, focusing on reasons why their trip would be the best.

The teacher introduces a new grammatical structure to the class through mime and pictures whilst modelling the actual sentence containing the new structure. The students drill this structure and are then given a short activity helping them to produce short sentences featuring the same grammatical point. The final activity involves the students producing their own sentences in pairs whilst the teacher walks around the class helping and providing feedback.

A method of teaching where L1 is never used, grammar is taught inductively, concrete vocabulary is introduced through demonstration, mime and pictures and abstract vocabulary is introduced through association of ideas.

A teacher varies the techniques and approaches they use in the classroom based on what they believe works best for different items they are teaching and the students in the class. Some activities may focus on grammatical accuracy, others on fluency and others on tasks and projects.

The teacher focuses most of their attention on grammatical points, often explaining rules in depth and in the learners' L1 if possible. Learners begin by reading and writing with the teacher ensuring that mistakes are not made in the structure of the language produced, at the expense of fluency and verbal communication.

The teacher aims to be as quiet as possible in the classroom allowing their students to produce as much language as possible through exploration with minimal instructions. Cuisenaire rods can be used to represent word forms or structures but the focus is on experimentation by the learners using the blocks of language that have been introduced.

The teacher asks the students to work through an activity comparing the present perfect with the present perfect continuous. Errors are picked up and the teacher presents the grammatical rules and then asks the students to practice in small groups.

The teacher presents sentences to the class and asks them all to repeat, firstly as a group and then individually with the teacher providing feedback on accuracy and pronunciation. The approach is teacher led and focuses largely on repetition of core structures and sentences – not only in the classroom but also in language labs where available.

Match with :

The Direct method


The audio lingual

the communicative method

The silent way

the eclectic method

The grammar translation

task based learning

total physical response

presentation practice production

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Re: Tefl Certification test Assistance

Unread post by Joe » Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:52 pm

Most but not all of these methods are described at:

That should help you match them up
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