Could you please help me? Task-based learning

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Could you please help me? Task-based learning

Unread post by loletina » Fri May 03, 2019 2:48 am

Task-based learning
The stages are : task, planning, report, analysis, task presentation and pre-task, evaluation and reflection.

I need to complete a course and I am having problems with the answers to the following:

1.Teacher asks students if they like festivals. She asks several students to briefly describe their favorite festival and say when and how it is celebrated. Students work in groups and read a text about popular festivals in America.
What is this stage?

2.Students have to decide what they want to celebrate and how they will do that. They begin to make plans orally.
What is this stage?

3.Students assign responsibilities and plan the event in detail: activities, food, music, performances, guests to be invited, etc. Groups prepare posters.
What is this stage?

4. Students display posters. Groups present their reports. The teacher gives feedback.

5.The teacher focuses on ways of expressing future actions (will and be going to)

6.Students prepare short summaries of festivals presented by other groups using will and going to.

7.Students finish the following sentences: Today I learned ….. I did ………………………. well. I need to practice …………….


Thanks in advance!!!

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