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FCE Preparation Course

Unread post by Mr.Libyan » Mon Jun 11, 2007 5:05 pm

Hi All,
Could you tell me what is the background should students have to attend FCE Preparation courses? I mean the lowest level should they have.
Also what is the best materials could be used to prepare the students to pass the FCE test?

Kevin Vosper
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Unread post by Kevin Vosper » Tue Jun 12, 2007 2:42 am

Dear Mr Libyan

The Common European Framework puts the FCE exam at the border between level B-Independent user and C-Proficient user so using this system the candedate should be at least at the B2 (Vantage) level. In more traditional terms this is the same boarder line as Upper-Intermediate/Advanced levels. If the student has been studying business English then the FCE is at the same level as the BEC Vantage exam.

A word of warning however, the Cambridge series of exams focuses mainly on communicative ability in all four skill areas (reading, writing, speaking, listening) for this reason different exams such as TOFLE may not fully prepare students for communication (even if passed at a high level) and extra training may be required. For this reason it is very useful if the student has already taken a previous Cambridge exam and is therefore aware of the type of abilities which will be tested. The exam below FCE is the Cambridge PET exam.

There is no shortage of exam materials on the market or on the internet. The problem is rather of trying to find what is relevent. All the course books from the main book publishers e.g Oxford, Cambridge, Macmillan etc are very good so I won't bother you with my personal favorites except to say that the age of the student is becoming relevent as people take the FCE exam at younger and younger ages. I find "Countdown" (Oxford University Press) very useful for younger students.

Your students will need, as a minimum, a coursebook (You need in addition the teachers book, don't try to teach just by using the students book), a workbook, a book of past exam papers and tapes/CD for listening practice. Don't try to read out the listening texts.

Finally, another great resource is http://www.flo-jo.com

Hope this helps.

Best wishes

Kevin Vosper

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