Teaching upper intermediate learners- please help!

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Teaching upper intermediate learners- please help!

Unread post by Trixie » Wed Oct 24, 2007 11:01 am

I am applying to teach in Prague and as part of the application form I have to create a lesson plan using the following text for upper intermediate learners, as both a reading and grammar lesson:

At the age of nineteen, and to the horror of her parents, Sylvie had a heart tattooed on her shoulder. Eight years later, a lot has changed in Sylvie’s life, but the tattoo is still there. How does she feel about it now?
“Well, one decision I now regret is getting this tattoo. I’d always liked the idea of having one. I really thought they looked good and some of my friends had them. I felt a bit scared about how much it would hurt, and I knew that my parents would hate the idea, but one day I got this done. It seemed like a really good idea at the time, my boyfriend really liked it and I think if he hadn’t been so keen I wouldn’t have done it. My parents were completely horrified, of course. I remember my dad saying he’d never seen a girl with a tattoo, and he hoped he never would again, but they sort of accepted it in the end. Now, I wish I’d thought more about it, especially the fact that you can’t get rid of it, or it’s incredibly painful and expensive anyway, so I suppose I’m stuck with it now.”

I've made several attempts at writing this lesson plan but I'm terrified of making a fundamental mistake and not getting the job. What would be the grammatical structures you would focus on here with upper intermediate students? It seems to me it should be something to do with regretting and remembering.

If anyone could offer some advice on this, I would be eternally grateful. Thanks for your help. xxx

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Unread post by ddeubel » Thu Oct 25, 2007 1:49 pm


I taught in the CR years ago and wish you luck. I miss all my friends and especially the beer!

About the lesson. If it is grammar based, I'd go with having the students develop a time line. They are to practice and note the use of the Past perfect tense.

First they sequence the actions in the paragraph. Maybe label / number each sentence and have them put it on the time line? Then they talk/speak using the target language. Draw arrows to refer to the two parts of the past perfect or two actions in the past.

I'd also do role plays with this or also practice the past perfect through the use of "IF .... hadn't .... what would have happened?

Hope this helps a little.


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