Any ideas on illiteracy!

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Any ideas on illiteracy!

Unread post by sidan » Fri Nov 09, 2007 2:45 pm

Dear members,
My SS from grade 3 to 6,many of them are illiteracy. They couldn't read the simple word I'd tought. I tried to have them read with Thai syllable substution sound. I tried to teach them like c is /k/ and /-at/ is /at/. When c + at, it becomes cat that sounds /kat/. Then, I used d,f,and so on.For the 1st time it seemed that the could read but they couldn't,only some of them could. Many times I tried to find other techniques that would work for my SS but I failed and disappointed. Do u have any other good idea in making SS illiteracy?
Your help is appreciately thank.

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