Newbie Looking for Advice on Overseas Teaching

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Newbie Looking for Advice on Overseas Teaching

Unread post by nicole723 » Tue Dec 04, 2007 6:37 am

I am new to the ESL teaching arena. I am teaching advanced and hi-intermediate classes at a local university as an adjunct. I have my bachelors in communications, but do not hold a teaching degree or certificate related to ESL of any kind. Basically, I just got lucky and proved I was capable without the formalities. I would like to find a position teaching overseas just for the summer. I think the experience would be beneficial to my overall teaching style. Anyone who is a pro at at teaching ESL overseas: would you mind answering a few questions?

1. Do I need a certificate of any kind to teach overseas or would my current experience be enough?

2. What are the best resources/companies (Web sites) for looking for jobs?

3. Are there any any small appointments during the summer, perhaps just the month of July or for 6-8 weeks?

4. How much pay (in American dollars) am I looking at, do any of them include housing/benefits/plane ticket?

Any and all advice or experiences you may have would be greatly helpful, as I am pretty much clueless when it comes to overseas teaching. I just kind of fell into ESL.. and I love it! I want to eventually pursue my masters, but for now I am just praying I get the undergrad loans paid every month!

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Unread post by ICAL_Pete » Fri Dec 07, 2007 4:46 pm

Hi Nicole,

I think it would help a lot if you could give us at least a rough idea of where in the world you wish to go. Employment opportunities, pay levels and work conditions, and last but not least requirements in terms of qualifications vary from country to country.

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Re: Newbie Looking for Advice on Overseas Teaching

Unread post by Heads Up Eng » Fri Jan 11, 2008 6:23 am

I would guess the easiest job markets overseas would be in Asia, although this is purely speculation. I have heard that jobs for Americans are more difficult to come by in Europe, because of the focus on British English and getting a visa. Schools won't hire you without a visa, and you can't get a visa without a job offer!

That said, if you make the jump overseas, be prepared to take some low-level jobs. Since you won't be staying for a year, most companies won't invest the time or resources to hire and train you. And because you have a stamp in your visa designating your return to the States, you can't really lie.

All the hurdles aside, teaching abroad should prove a great experience for you, considering you've only begun your ESL career. EFL and ESL differ to some extent, and it will be good to see those differences for your future career. You'll also face some challenges with regards to motivation, as there's a less a obvious need for English when compared to your current students who need it every day. Again, with some experience motivating students who don't always see the importance of English, you'll be able to take that experience and provide even more interesting lessons later. And lastly, you can't beat living overseas for the pure life experience it offers.

Good luck!

Chris Cotter
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Re: Newbie Looking for Advice on Overseas Teaching

Unread post by Mr.Libyan » Sat Jan 12, 2008 11:01 pm

In some cases cerificates is not needed if you have a strong teaching background, here in Libya native english speakers could easily become teachers even without having teaching lisence. and teaching english here is well paid job, especially for natave english teachers.

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